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The Convenience Of Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens

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The Convenience Of Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens

Glass splashbacks for kitchens have increased in popularity dramatically in the last few years, with a great deal of media exposure revealing the many advantages and benefits which glass splashbacks and glass worktops have to offer, and often at surprisingly affordable prices. Splashbacks serve three main functions, including looking attractive, protecting your walls from food and liquids, and increasing the overall hygiene of the kitchen.

There are of course a number of possible choices when it comes to splashbacks, with perhaps the most popular choice being tiles. Tiles can be wiped clean relatively easily, and as there is a wide range of colours and styles it's almost always possible to find some which suit the style, colour and look of your kitchen fairly easily. But tiles have three clear disadvantages when compared to glass splashbacks.

The first disadvantage is the fact they are quite difficult to put up. Unless of course you happen to be a tiler, putting up tiles so that they are equally spaced and level can be a very time consuming and fiddly task. Glass splashbacks on the other hand are usually manufactured to fit, and are supplied in one piece which means that it simply needs lifting into place and then fixing to the wall. The whole process takes a few minutes to complete, making it a much more attractive choice.

The second disadvantage with tiles is that when it comes to working around sockets and pipes, it can be very hard to cut tiles to fit. You'll almost certainly end up cracking and breaking several tiles in the process, and the finished result may not be entirely what you'd hoped for. Again, glass splashbacks for kitchens are manufactured to be a precise fit, and this includes pre cut gaps and spaces for things such as sockets, pipes and awkward corners. This means that fitting a glass splashback really is the easiest option of all.

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